Best Apps for Traveling

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Let’s face it, physical maps barely exist anymore, calling a taxi never happens, and hotel rooms are on the decline. Travel apps have changed the entire travel industry forever, an...

Despite Super Bowl Commercial, Verizon can’t Support First Responders like AT&T FirstNet

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Verizon highlighted a commercial during the Super Bowl that touched the hearts of millions of our emergency personnel. They have spent millions of dollars...

Super Blood Moon is Over! Discover the Top Space Apps!

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What was the Big Deal about the Supermoon?

Remember when, in Bruce Almighty, Bruce pulled the moon closer to earth to impress his girlfriend? The moon appeared 14% brighter and ...


A Cut Above the Rest: Compare The Best Phones at Car-Tel

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It’s time to upgrade but there are so many new phones to choose from that confronting your cellular selection can feel like the cereal isle at the supermarket. So many choices that...


Updated Apps You Must Have for 2018

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Mobile apps are generally really fun and easy, but sometimes they make you want to rip your hair out. Everyone thinks they know the most popular apps like Facebook and Snapchat like the ...

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