iPhone 6

“My phone died again!” is a universal complaint among many iPhone users. Apple recently admitted in late December that the software update they released last year slows down iPhone 6 models or older. Resulting in the battery that does not last through the day.

Dead Again.

Many iPhone lovers are being forced to upgrade their phone because the new update means their iPhone is chugging through more power battery life than a three hour YouTube binge session. In addition to admitting to abusing battery power on older iPhone models, for the first time ever, Apple apologized for this short coming.

What will Apple Do for You?

How is Apple apologizing for undercutting their consumers? Apple is offering to fix the problem with a whole new battery for iPhone 6 and older. These models are out of Apple Care warranty, so this means big savings for a frugal consumer.

The usual price to replace the battery at an authorized apple store is $79. For a limited time, you can pick up another battery for a discounted rate of $29.

Die-hard apple fans are split in two directions about what is being done to remedy the situation. Some consumers feel Apple is going in the right direction to make amends. On the other hand, there are others who are furious to the point where they switched to Apple’s big time rival Samsung.

If you have an iPhone six or later, go get your new battery regardless of the condition of your current iPhone! Even if you personally didn’t experience a lag with your vintage 6 it is definitely a good idea to replace your battery.  You can enjoy your iPhone 6 for a while longer with one simple $29 investment!

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