A Letter to Our Customers

Thank you to our valued customers for supporting our local business for the last 38 years.

On November 1st, 2018, Car-Tel Communications sold to Prime Communications, a large AT&T Authorized Retailer with over 650 locations throughout the country.

We loved connecting the NJ/PA region with great wireless products and services, and we are confident you will find the same level of customer service and product knowledge under Prime Communications.

A trip to your local AT&T should be as familiar as ever, as almost all of our representatives are continuing on with Prime Communications

From regular service questions to multi-line business accounts, we enjoyed serving you over these many eventful years. Change offers an opportunity for growth, and Prime Communications looks forward to growing with its new community.

Thank You!

The iOS 12 software rolled out during the Apple Launch Event on September 12th. After the event, we decided to compile 6 of the best-hidden features iOS 12 has to offer. We hope you are as excited as we are about iPhone XS and XS Max with this awesome new software update! Check it out below:

01. Speedy Software

The new apple iOS has a huge speed upgrade because your phone will be able to open apps up to 70% faster. When you text your best friend after lunch your keyboard will appear 50% faster as well!

02. Facetime Update

Facetime now supports up to 32 people in a conference call wth video. If you are talking in the group
your face with be the biggest on the screen for everyone to see!

03. Improved Face ID

You can set up another person to be able to unlock your phone. Great for your kids when you want them to watch shows! Click settings, Face ID, Set Up Alternate appearance to set up a 2nd user trusted on your device!

04. Meet Memoji & More

Create an avatar of yourself to send to your friends on Mac, iPad, and iPhone! Get creative and have more than one! Apple also added 3 new animojis: ghost, tiger, koala, and t-rex! Roar!

05. Curve the App Addiction

iOS 12 is able to tell you how many times you picked up your phone in a day. Gives you a report on screen time and app use. Set notifications to let you know when you have been using an app for a little to long!


06. Enable Bedtime Mode

You can silence your phone for an hour during a movie and also let your phone know it’s bed time. No more noisy pesky notifications when your trying to wind down! Just click the moon in your drop down menu.

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