A Letter to Our Customers

Thank you to our valued customers for supporting our local business for the last 38 years.

On November 1st, 2018, Car-Tel Communications sold to Prime Communications, a large AT&T Authorized Retailer with over 650 locations throughout the country.

We loved connecting the NJ/PA region with great wireless products and services, and we are confident you will find the same level of customer service and product knowledge under Prime Communications.

A trip to your local AT&T should be as familiar as ever, as almost all of our representatives are continuing on with Prime Communications

From regular service questions to multi-line business accounts, we enjoyed serving you over these many eventful years. Change offers an opportunity for growth, and Prime Communications looks forward to growing with its new community.

Thank You!

We all know a local First Responder. Whether they are Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services, AT&T appreciates what these brave individuals do for our community. That’s why we developed FirstNet, the nation’s first priority network dedicated to First Responders.

What is FirstNet? Check out the infographic below to get an easy breakdown of how AT&T FirstNet could benefit First Responders in your community.


FirstNet-Infographic-description-examples FirstNet-Infographic-pricing-plans

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