A Letter to Our Customers

Thank you to our valued customers for supporting our local business for the last 38 years.

On November 1st, 2018, Car-Tel Communications sold to Prime Communications, a large AT&T Authorized Retailer with over 650 locations throughout the country.

We loved connecting the NJ/PA region with great wireless products and services, and we are confident you will find the same level of customer service and product knowledge under Prime Communications.

A trip to your local AT&T should be as familiar as ever, as almost all of our representatives are continuing on with Prime Communications

From regular service questions to multi-line business accounts, we enjoyed serving you over these many eventful years. Change offers an opportunity for growth, and Prime Communications looks forward to growing with its new community.

Thank You!


On your next Saturday off, you may feel  too lazy to go to the library to pick out your next book. Maybe you had a hectic work week. Maybe you’re not much of a reader. Or maybe it’s simply that driving is definitely a no go!

The Lazy Reader’s Best Friend


Overdrive App

Don’t worry about driving to the library on your day off! You can use your library card right from your connected AT&T phone or tablet. Pick out all your favorite novels right from the convenience of one app. With thousands of titles to choose from, Overdrive has something for everyone in multiple formats including ebook, audiobook, and magazines.

Overdrive-example-ebook-screenDownload Overdrive on Google Play  or Apple Store to connect with your local library and digitally browse any book you want to read. Read whateveryou want for free from the comfort of your couch!

You can use the Overdrive Library if you have a local library card or your school, institution, or organization is participating in the app. Here is how to get started:

Getting Started with Overdrive

Setting up Overdrive is very easy to do. Tap the Sign Up button on the screen to start signing up for Overdrive. Finish the sign-up process by selecting Sign Up Using Library Card, type in your zip-code, then select your library to finish! Viola, you are done!

Here at Car-Tel Communications, we love finding valuable free apps to pass along to our customers, and Overdrive is one of the best! Now that you are signed up for Overdrive, you no longer need to drive to the book store or local library,  so use that time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather while it lasts!

Books for the Kids


Some kids would much rather play with their spider-man action figure or Barbie doll than read a book. When we found Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories, and Games  on Google Play and iOS ~ we thought, “Back in my day, I wish I had this when I was learning to read.”

Fairy Tales offers over 15+ books with interactive games to help your child stay engaged with the story! Your son or daughter can enjoy trying to find the wolf in Grandma’s room as a mini-game while reading Little Red Riding Hood.

Fairy-Tale-reading-offlineYou and your child can listen to and interact with all of the different fairy tale stories before bedtime. Fairy Tales also offers reading offline so if your tablet or phone becomes disconnected you can avoid a meltdown and continue reading all their favorite Fairy Tale stories.

Download Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories, and Games via Google Play or the Apple Store for your children to enjoy all their favorite fantasy stories any time of the day. Your kids will learn how to read better, develop critical reading skills, and have fun all at the same time!

I really do love both of these apps for reading. I hope you do too! What do you think of OverDrive and Fairy Tales? Let us know what you think of both literature apps in the comments below!

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